Presentations of the TooLS conference, 03 - 04 June 2010, Amsterdam:

1. Targets, background and framework of the project
   a) Oana Ailenei: Targets of the EU Commission ( PDF, 40 KB)
   b) Baldo Blinkert: Targets of the project partners, structure of the project and work programme ( PDF, 60 KB)

2. Concept of the project
   a) Baldo Blinkert: Survey of citizens, local governments and service providers ( PDF, 350 KB)
   b) Klaus Trutzel: Monitoring using available data ( PDF, 30 KB)
   c) Thomas Willmann: Information management with DUVA. Methodological concept ( PDF, 2 MB)

3. Implementation of the project
   a1) Jürgen Spiegel: Surveys – Interviews, data entry, data management ( PDF, 30 KB)
   a2) Baldo Blinkert: Surveys - Possibilities and proposals for analysis ( PDF, 220 KB)
   b) Klaus Trutzel: Collection and management of available data ( PDF, 40 KB)
   c) Arno Schiffert: Intended improvements of the technical tools ( PDF, 900 KB)

4. Cooperation in the city network
   a) Klaus Trutzel: The function of city networks in ensuring a sustainable use of the TooLS results ( PDF, 30 KB)
   c) Jürgen Spiegel: Intended conferences and online information as part of the TooLS project ( PDF, 140 KB)

5. Klaus Trutzel: Next steps in the project ( PDF, 40 KB)