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Tools for developing comparable local surveys

Last modified 07/01/2013  


Addressing the social and demographic change in the European Union are great challenges especially for local and regional authorities. To recognise and monitor these changes and to take appropriate measures to cope with them requires information that European and national surveys cannot provide.

With this project the European Commission supports the development of tools for comparable surveys at the local level, for which existing cooperative projects of local authorities in the KOSIS association prove to be good starting points. These city networks will help to create the transparency necessary for successful local and regional policies, benchmarking and mutual learning.

With the KOSIS association’s well established statistical management system DUVA, a powerful technical tool will be further developed and made available for Europe-wide applications.

The comparative data collection of the European Urban Audit and Perception Survey will be used as starting points for the targeted collection of comparable data and surveys at the local level including information not yet available, and for incorporating local authorities that are not yet part of the project. Cooperation with local service providers and with additional cities is an essential objective.

For surveys at the local level, exemplary modules of questions will be developed, and these will be discussed with the local authorities involved and tested by practical application. The Institute of Sociology of the Freiburg University in collaboration with the Institute for Applied Social Science FIFAS e.V. will provide the necessary scientific foundation. It is their task to develop the modules of questions and evaluate the test results.

The cities of Amsterdam and Helsinki have been won as experienced European partners with their departments of urban research and statistics Dienst Onderzoek en Statistiek (Amsterdam) and City of Helsinki Urban Facts. They guarantee the European orientation of the project’s content and organisation. Like the German partners they will test the modules of questions and the DUVA tools incorporating additional partner cities in their countries.

For further information please contact FIFAS e.V. by phone ++49 (0)761 - 28 83 64 or e-mail

A more detailed description of the project is available as PDF (40 KB).